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Confirmed invited speakers

The following keynote presentations have been confirmed:

  • Mark Taylor, Head of CFD at McLaren Racing, will discuss the use of HPC in Formula 1 racing and the challenges faced in this industrial area as we head towards the exascale.
  • Simon Portegies Zwart, Professor of Computational Astrophysics at Leiden University will present massively parallel GPU-accelerated galaxy simulations which have been nominated for the 2014 Gordon Bell prize.
  • Pete Beckman, Director of the Exascale Technology and Computing Institute at Argonne National Laboratory, will provide an update on recent progress in the US with a particular focus on software for the exascale.
  • Xue-feng Yuan, Director of The National Supercomputer Centre at Guangzhou, will describe the experience of managing Tianhe-2, the world's largest supercomputer.
  • Cynthia McIntyre, Senior Vice President, Council on Competitiveness, will focus on the value of HPC engagement with industry.

Associated events

ARCHER Hands-on Porting and Optimisation Workshop, Monday 20th April 2015

ARCHER, the UK's national supercomputing service, will be running a 1 day ‘Hands-on Porting and Optimisation Workshop’ training session in association with EASC and PRACE. The workshop is open to anyone interested in using ARCHER, it is not restricted to current users. For more information, please visit the event website.

Xeon Phi Tools Workshop, Friday 24th April 2015

As part of our Intel Parallel Computing Centre activities, EPCC will be hosting a Xeon Phi Tools workshop on Friday 24th April, the day after the EASC conference. For more information, please visit the event website.

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